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>>> we are life in oakland -- we are live in oakland where the police chief is pushing for outside help to fight crime but not everyone is fired up about it. >>> a deadly helicopter crash in england. what we have learned about the accident that briefly caused panic all across great britain. >>> we are live at san jose international airport where a new aircraft is grounded. we'll tell you what happened, where it happened, and why it's effecting flights here. >>> plus the big speech now just hours away. president obama is about to unvail his plan to reduce gun violence. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning january 16th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic. first we go to steve. steve, i'm feeling a change is coming. >> a very slow change but it's coming. we still have 20s and 30s on the lows. i don't think anything will come close to what we had on sunday. but still when you get 28 santa rosa. 29 livermore. each day the temps are inching upward. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. we
downtown oakland and other spots but it's not cause anything major traffic problems. that traffic is looking good. also the morning commute is going to be off to a good start if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. now let's go back to the the desk. >>> oakland's public safety committee approved a controversial crime fighting plan opinion the vote came last night. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland city hall. tara, good morning. >> good morning opinion it got pretty heated. people on potato sides of the issue really take -- people on both sides of the issue really taking a stand. they had to tell one of the sides to settle down repeatedly. angry protestors repeatedly heckled police chief howard jordan and other supporters of this controversial crime fighting plan. it would include hiring former los angeles police chief william as a consultant for $250,000. the demonstrators say he would bring a racist crime fighting policy to the table. >> he told his officers that they should patrol as such. >> i'm the guy that gets to decide which
oakland road we have another accident moved to the right-hand shoulder. it is a little bit slow beyond the seen as they move that from lane two to the right-hand shoulder. elsewhere we have a problem northbound 880 on the shoulder now cleared so that accident is looking good through fremont and getting busy on the east shore freeway moving to richmond and to the berkeley area and macarthur maze. kristen and eric? >> we follow breaking news from london where a helicopter crash in the middle of the city killed two people and injured 13. the two dead, one the pilot, the other is someone on the ground, it happened during the morning rush hour at midnight our time. the helicopter hit a crane on top of a high-rise building. they are working to secure the crane. there is no immediate danger of collapse. no word on the exact cause. it could take months to sort out. there are low clouds and fog. authorities say it was shrouding the tower. the pilot was diverting a landing because of bad weather and that terrorism does not appear to be likely. >> now, japan has grounded the entire fleet of boein
>>> we are live in oakland where a controversial crime fighting plan drew a heated response at a city hall meeting last night. we'll tell you why the police chief got booed. >>> san jose police are searching for a man who tried to abduct a little girl right in front of her home. we'll tell you just how brazen this attempted kidnapping was. >>> i'm not telling you anything you don't already know. it's cold out there again but will temperatures continue to warm up? >> also in a couple hours president obama will tell us his plan for reducing gun violence in america. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. welcome to a brand new day wednesday, january 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us this morning. steve paulson is here. and i guess we talked about it a tiny bit warmer. >> a tad warmer. >> it is cold. 20s and 30s. it's getting a little better each day here for some. temperatures right now 20s concord. livermore 27. santa rosa 29. it's darn cold out there. it will be a little warmer near 60 for a few. oakland d
. >>> oakland can add a super cop to the payroll in an effort to fight violent crime or they might like to. bill bratton led police departments in both new york and los angeles. and he is ready to help oakland for a substantial fee of course. but as anne makovec reports, not everyone is rolling out the red carpet for him, right? >> reporter: that is true. last night a committee did approve the contract but they didn't confirm that bratton is going to be the man. the council has been ordered to look at alternatives because bratton has been raising some eyebrows with comments basically in support of "stop & frisk." that is a policy that some other police departments across the country are using. bratton is the former police chief of l.a. and new york. and he is a proponent of an officer's right to search anyone if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is involved in any sort of criminal activity and with murder rates at alarming levels, we have talked four murders in oakland just last friday, the council has been considering a $250,000 contract t
a jumpsuit and sweatshirt. >>> they call him the super cop and some say he is what oakland needs to fight violent crime. as anne makovec reports not everyone is rolling out the red carpet. >> reporter: he is coming with controversy. last night a committee approved the contract but did not confirm that bratton himself will be the man. the council is looking for alternatives. >> for any city to say they don't do "stop & frisk," i'm sorry they doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. >> that's bill bratton former l.a. and new york police chief a proponent of an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with murder rates at alarming levels in oakland including four last friday alone the council is considering a $250,000 contracted to hire bratton to help out. those were protestors at the city council meeting last night saying "stop & frisk" unfairly targets minorities by allowing officers to harass whoever they want just because they suspect the person is up to no good. stats from
oliver was arrested at an oakland motel around 9:00 last night. police say he doused his 25- year-old girlfriend with gasoline and lit her on fire sunday afternoon after the couple got into an argument outside of a laundromat. the victim is in the hospital with severe burns all the off -- all over her body. >>> san francisco's newest supervisor has just been sworn in. >> i london breed do solemnly swim and affirm. >> california attorney general cam ma laws harris on -- kamala harris on the street administered the oath to london breed. she represents the western edition and fillmore neighborhoods where she grew up in public housing. she defeated olag and five other candidates. >>> a 19-year-old man pleaded not guilty to murder charges this morning in a san francisco court in connection with a deadly crash on new year's day. david morales is accused of shooting at three people and then leading police on a chase which ended when morales crashed his car at 21st street and south van ness avenue. two people were killed in the crash and one person suffered serious injuries. after this mo
anne makovec is in the newsroom room this morning with the steps officials are taking in oakland. >> reporter: a total of four measures aimed at beefing up the oakland pd were sent on to the council last night but the public safety committee stopped short of approving a plan to bring former l.a. police chief bill bratton on board as a consultant. [ screaming ] >> reporter: protestors opposing bratton's outspoken approval of "stop & frisk" policies. now, bratton is a former police chief of l.a. and new york and he supports an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with the murder rates at alarming levels in oakland the council has been considering a $250,000 contract to hire bratton to help the oakland pd. last night, a committee approved the contract but didn't confirm bratton will be the man. the council ordered to look at alternatives. >> i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we are going to do and how we're going to do it because i'm the pe
warmer than yesterday. we are on a seasonally warm. oakland climbing to 62 degrees. 64 for santa rosa. low sixties for vallejo livermore, pleasanton 63 in san jose. satellite and radar shows high pressure in control for now over us however, a cold air mass will hit the bay area as we head into tomorrow. not much of moisture associated with the system. it will be cold. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a 30 percent chance of showers. into the rest of the week some sunshine mid-level clout. temperatures in the mid-50s. the potential for more rain as we head into your sun deck. >> that is a look at your extended forecast. in the meantime let's take it to the traffic desk. >> the national weather service institis a dense fog advisory i have not seen any by the chp. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza no problem out of oakland into the city. >> overnight construction on the upper deck shutting down one lane but not producing any slowdowns. >> the san mateo bridge the west bound trip looking good no problems to alert you to. >> south bound 101 t
the temperatures: 40 in oakland and 42 in san francisco and 41 at half moon bay and everyone else in the 30's and a few 20's including concord and san rafael. in the monterey bay everyone at freezing including 28 at gilroy. hazy sunshine. milder temperatures this afternoon. we have the possibility with the stagnant air mass of poor air quality all week. the stagnant air mass keeps us dry. no rain in the forecast through wednesday. temperatures are getting close to where they should be for this january 16. liver more is two degrees warmer at 58. and redwood city at 59 san jose is 59, as well, a degree short of average. we will hit 60 in fremont and palo alto and 59 is the warmer spot in oak oakland and san jose. fairfield and vallejo andantback are cooler at 56. gilroy is the warmer spot at 52. frost is possible inland as the morning low slowly moderates and slower than our afternoon low and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore and 43 in san francisco tonight. here is the area of high pressure, it has not moved and it will not move any time soon but the air mass will as it retreats to the
about the accident that briefly caused panic all over great britain. >>> oakland's police chief shouted down during a heated late-night meeting at city hall. the big issue -- what will happen next. >>> also, the big speech begins in just two hours. president obama will unveil a plan that is sure to fuel the gun-control debate. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, january 16th. >>> san jose police are investigating a bold kidnapping attempt of a 2-year-old girl outside of her home. ktvu eight janine de la vega is in san jose and talked with police a short time ago. janine, what did they tell you? >> reporter: a police spokesperson told me he's checking in with detectives right now to see if they got any tips overnight. now, they are taking that attempted kidnapping that happened here on dale court very serious. they say the man was pulling on the child's legs so hard, that her shoes fell off. this all happened around 5:40 yesterday afternoon. this was near south white and aborn.
answered the associated press poll want background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. >> oakland's safety committee has unanimously voted to adopt a resolution to hire a safety consultant to help the city's police department combat rising crime. the man they are considering for the job.former los angeles police chief william bratton. dozens of the city's resident voiced concern about the hiring of bratton, due to his seemingly random "frisk and search" policy to combat violent crime. but oakland police chief howard jordan insists that bratton's policies will not interfere with the police department's efforts to build a relationship with the community. >> we do not condone racial profiling. we have worked hard and long to build relationships. i did not want to throw that away. >> the oakland city council is split on whether they should hire bratton. it is expected to make a hiring decision at its meeting next tuesday. a chilly start but not quite as cold as the last couple of mornings. >> as we take a look at the temperatures we are very similar than just 24 hours ago below freezi
brings oakland one step closer to adopting a new crime fighting plan. [ shouting ] >> oakland's public safety committee approved the controversial plan after angry protesters voiced their opinions against police chief howard jordan and other supporters. people are upset about a police tactic called stop and frisk, a method supported by l.a.'s former police chief. chief jordan wants to hire him as a consultant. >> ask yourself why people in this room are so willing to risk going to jail by shouting out and screaming. because they know there's something fundamentally wrong with the oakland police department. >> just remember this, okay. i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we're going to do and how we're going to do it. i'm the person that's going to be held accountable. >> the plan also includes more funding for the police academy to train new officers as well as the hiring of 11 alameda county sheriff's deputies for violent suppression efforts. the city council will vote on the issue next tuesday. >>> more shake-ups in the white house cabinet as president
based on the true story of oakland's oscar grant took home top honors at the sundance film festival this weekend. grant was the unarmed man shot and killed by a park police officer in 2009. and there is already buzz about the film for next year's academy awards. we're hearing our first reaction to the film's big accolades from oscar grant's family. monty francis is live with the story. >> we're here at the fruitvale station. it took home two big honors this weekend at the sundance film festival. >> do you have plans for tonight? >> the film stars oscar winning actress as oscar's mother and michael b. jordan as oscar gran. it drawn cals the 24 hours leading up to the shooting that ended grant's life. fruitvale won the grand jury prize and the sundance audience award. he lives in richmond. in his acceptance speech, he called the movie a love letter to the bay area and dedicated the honor to oscar grant's family who was there for the premier of the film in utah and just returned home. we caught one oscar grant's aunt and uncle tonight. they said the film brings the much needed humanity
this plan on how to combat crime in oakland. part of the plan talks about binging a controversial figure to implement changes. >> reporter: leaders say oakland is in need of a local state of emergency. >> i am afraid as a parent, citizen and elected official. >> reporter: on any given night there are only 40 police officers working to protect the city of 400,000. >> reporter: last night the committee recommended a contract to pay $250,000 to help battle crime but stopped short of saying if willian bratton will lead the charge. >> did reserve the right to have further discussion of who the subcontractors can be. >> reporter: next week the counsel will decide on the contract and his possible future in oakland. if approved he would serve as one of three consultants. >> it would be for the chief to decide which recommendation to take and for the counsel and mayor to decide what policies to pass. >> reporter: things need to happen fast. at the end of the month the contract with chp is set to expire. they are asking the governor to allow the officers to stay a little longer. the mayor is in wa
in oakland. low '40's and hayward. by 8:00 a.m. holding on to '30's. we struggle to get out of the frigid temperatures. the rest of the bay sitting comfortably in the '40's. at lunchtime the green starts to build on your screen indicates where lows 60s will develop. mild conditions later tonight by 8:00 p.m. we're talking a mixing up upper '40's and '50's. as i brought down the afternoon highs in your neighborhood. like yesterday it will be like to day. >> 664 campbell, los gatos. 65 for sunnyvale and santa clara. 62 in fremont. the east bay not as warm overall mild lows 60s for concord, pittsburgh, danville. 61 in pleasanton. to the north bay petaluma at 62. a degree cool for downtown san francisco. oakland at 62. 61 in vallejo. those of you heading to tahoe freezing fog for the next couple of mornings. we will see sunshine into the afternoon leak into the forecast in your afternoon highs in the upper '40's. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights the nice weather on tap this weekend. and look at your afternoon highs miles spots, mid '60s. the warmer spot could get close
in this house. anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> oakland police officers are doing all they can to stop violence in the city, but the police chief says they need the public's help. howard jordan held a news conference to announce recent arrests in murder cases and two shootings of police officers last week. they are still trying to identify suspects in monday's shooting of an 8-year-old girl. >> i and my officers are committed to the children in this community and our neighborhoods. we will catch the shooter and we are coming after you. >> police think the 8-year-old was caught in the crossfire. she was not the intended target. she is still recovering in the hospital. >>> that said, starting thursday there will be even fewer uniformed police officers patrolling the streets of oakland. the california highway patrol is pulling its officers out. chp has been helping out for the last 90 days but officials say they can't afford it anymore. >> chp, like any other organization, has the budget that it has to operate within and so it would be imprudent for any agency
will burn off. clearlake, 64. st. helena, 64. 56 antioch. 64 berkeley, oakland. mid-60s here. santa clara, 64. 60s on the coast. it should be beautiful. 63 redwood city, palo alto and mountain view atherton. we have a little bit more fog tomorrow and then here comes the cold surge dropping down thursday and friday. the mornings will be all right the -- i mean, it will be cold. but it will still be breezy. >>> 7:10. pleasant in -- police in pleasant hill have arrested a teenager accused of casing homes but another suspect is on the loose still. police are looking for this man, 28-year-old richard guerro because they say he and a 17- year-old boy were seen casing homes to burglarize saturday morning. a neighbor told police they were writing down information about the homes in the neighborhood. police found their car but officers say guerro managed to escape after leading them on a chase. >>> a new fish census shows reduced numbers of six types of fish in the past year, including the protected delta smelt. those numbers started to go down sharply in 2002. state fish and wildlife officials sa
and the leadership of that city has to show the way. >> oakland gets some advice from a former mayor as the city grapples again with how to respond to a spike in deadly violence. we have been here before and tonight cbs 5 reporter phil matier points out the various factions are falling into a familiar pattern that normally frankly ends in failure. phil. >> reporter: that's right. and it is going to be an interesting twist because oakland is really at a crossroads. here's the story. how many times have we seen a surge of violence in the streets of oakland followed by officials saying the violence has got to stop and then the city council meeting where the latest plan being offered is met with stiff opposition. >> let's stop it. >> reporter: this time the fight is over bringing in former new york police chief bill bratton as an advisor on reducing crime but it was his controversial use of "stop & frisk" that some say targets minorities that took center stage. bob jackson who asked the mayor for a state of emergency was one of those who sat through the barrage.
at the martinez junior high school. >>> a vigil at noon in oakland for a man who was shot and killed while detained by bart police. family members will hold the vigil at the fruitvale bart station where oscar grant was shot four years ago today. officer johannes mehserle was later found guilty on involuntary manslaughter. he was released from prison in june of 2011 after serving his sentence. >>> in other bay area headlines, there is a ban on wood-burning today throughout the bay area. it is illegal all day to burn wood, fire logs or pellets. this order interest air quality regulators -- from ar quality regulators applies to all nine counties in the region. it traps soot so on a typical winter night a third from wood stoves and fireplaces. >> tough day to do it with folks at home probably wanting to enjoy it. >>> if you ride bumper cars at the fair do it at your own risk. that's the ruling from the california supreme court. it ruled a doctor could not sue santa clara's great america theme park after she broke her wrist on the bumper cars. the court says that there is, quote, an assumption
. >>> oakland as police chief says his officers are doing all they can to stop the recent rash of violence. but they need the public's help, too. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington on their intensifying search for whoever shot an 8-year-old girl. >> everything is turned upside- down, looks like. i don't know what's going on. people aring go crazy. >> reporter: robert martinez has lived in his ease every east oakland house on 65th avenue for 42 years. he says just recently his neighborhood has started to feel like a war zone. he hears gunshots every day, and innocent people like himself areking about the victims. this past friday, his home was sprayed with bullets. this happened in the morning in broad daylight. and yesterday, only a few houses down, an 8-year-old girl was shot just before 2:30 in the afternoon. police say this was a drive-by shooting outside a family member's home. she was hit in the leg and taken to the hospital. >> it's terrible. it is very terrible for having a little child shot like that over nothing. they don't care who they hurt.
oakland college - has been deemed not competent to stand trial. this is the suspect - one goh --- in a previous court date. he was in front of a judge today for a mental competency hearing. goh is accused of going on a shooting rampage at oikos university in april of last year. his attorney says, a psychiatrist determined that goh suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. you are looking at video from the scene of the massacre. seven people were killed in that shooting. three others hurt. school administrators say, goh was upset about a tuition dispute. >> tonight, the sister of a woman who was set on fire in san francisco -- talks to kron-4. the gruesome crime happened yesterday in the city's bayview district. the suspect - dexter oliver, who you see here, remains on the loose tonight. he is now wanted for attempted murder and arson. police say, he has an unusual haircut -- with the design of a fish on one side -- and a lighting bolt on the other. kron4's maureen kelly spoke the victim's sister about the assault. >> kerstin was hanging off. -- her skin was hanging off. and her ski
of the east bay not doing too badly. outside of 580, northbound 880 through oakland no delays. your eastshore freeway commute looking good from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's an easy 19 minutes. but you are tapping the brakes westbound 4 through antioch. looks better into pittsburg and no delays towards the eastshore freeway. that's a look at your morning drive. let's go back out live to new orleans where michelle is. >>> all right. it's not all about partying and football in the big easy. actually santa clara police officers are here in town learning something from the police department here. cbs 5's cate caugiran has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, michelle from santa clara. now, once this new stadium opens, crowd control will be a new issue to tackle for santa clara pd. so the department is keeping a close eye on the future not just with the 9ers move but bringing a super bowl here in 2016 before that can even happen the city needs to prove it can handle a massive event. santa clara neighbors agree that
of violent crimes. >> when you commit violence in oakland, we are going to do whatever is in our authority to go after you and to make sure that the violence ends. >> the raids were conducted in oakland, el sobrante and santa cruz. officers also seized semi- automatic weapons and gang memorabilia. the raids were part of oakland's operation cease-fire. the city's program is to help stop the advice and persuade gang members to lead productive lives. >>> no deal yet on a new compliance director for opd. state leaders and lawyers can't agree on who should assume sweeping new power over police. so east side has submitted a list of candidates to the judge in the case. whoever he picks will be responsible for completing a long list of years-old court- ordered reforms. to do that, the compliance director will have authority to overrule oar even remove opd command staff if necessary. >>> you can call it a dream come true for silicon valley jet setters. the bay area as first direct dreamliner route to tokyo launched today out of san jose. cbs reporter len
in santa rosa. to mid-50s tomorrow, 52 in oakland. inland east bay into low 50s. 52 in concord and near monterey bay, milder weather there. mid, inching towards upper 50s tomorrow, 57 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast.s1ñy÷ a zri pattern throughout the weekend. a very frost year, chill yes one for tuesday night into wednesday morning. there is a slight chance of showers on sunday, doesn't look like a major rain storm, and sunnier, drier monday so. first week of 2013 looks like a dry one. >> a sunny bay area. >> yes. sunny. >> that is true. >> up next a story for mothers wondering whopñ3ye goes on when charge. >> one father decided to do to prove he was working. >> and later on this could happen, giraffes going neck and neck, what is behind this wild fight. >> another check of traffic alt the bay bridge. people were backed up into cash lanes if you have fast track you're breezing into the city. thousands will be coming in tonight to watch celebrations and fire works and such. it's going to get heavy crossing the bay bridge. >>> i love this story. >> right. >> we know some
investigation. 2 people were arrested. >>> oakland police praising community for anonymous tips that led to the arrest of 2 suspected bank robbers. this is a story only on 7 news. earlier this month police ask for public help identifying a bank robber we showed you this pick. the request came through oakland new text alert system. within hours somebody texted the name of someone who looked like this man and he was arrested soon after. >> hopeful that using a system that provides anonymous message for community members to become engaged and just say enough is enough and report names and instances where firearm violence is involved. that's really the goal here. >> last october oakland police the first agency in the country actual hi to begin using the so-called tip watch system. >> still to come tonight. remembering a bay area treasure. look back at san treasure. look back at san francisco most famous twins"x?1 >> san francisco legend has passed away. or more accurately half of legendary team. jonathan has more on 75 i don't know brown one of the famous san francisco twins who is s
-old dexter oliver at an oakland hotel yesterday. meantime, 25-year-old star lamar remains in critical condition at the burn unit at st. francis hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say oliver doused lamar with gasoline and set her on fire after she broke up with him on sunday. >>> well, the fbi's evidence response team now heading back to a farm out in linden this morning digging for more victims of the so-called speed freak killers. crews are spending the morning excavating an old well there. that site is near an abandoned well where four bodies were found nearly a year ago. investigators think the bodies are linked to lauren herzog nicknamed the speed free killers for a drug fueled spree during the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide last year. investigators say it will take up to three weeks to hand sift through that soil. >>> this morning, a family is learning who may have killed a 21-year-old woman almost 30 years ago. the body was found in a dumpster in back of the bailey park plaza shopping center in mountain view january 28, 1985. mountain v
to the east bay. here is just really slow through oakland road. the peninsula north bay ride is still light as well. >> help is on the way. oakland city council's finance committee approved a public safety plan which includes, authorizing a police academy for june 2013. if that was also fired 21 civilian employees, including crime lab support people, that was also established a contract for 10 deputies for the alameda county sheriff's department. all pd chief howard jordan says, the deputies will help his offices deal with violent feud between rival gangs. >> just imagine having the highway patrol coming today is a week. we will see what we have it will have extra patrol. >> the finance committee approved it and it moves to the oakland city council for a final vote next tuesday. >> the body of a novato man who jumped into the corte adera creek to invade police last month has been recovered. this is video of the search back in december. the marin county coroner's office has identified the body as that of 23 year-old anthony donelson of novato. a citizen told fairfax police monday evening tha
at 4:00 oakland museum of california is releasing a stolen last week. police say someone took off with this gold box that dates back to california's gold rush days. a $12,000 reward being offer forward return. you can call the tip line. we have that posted owe for you here. that number is also available on our web site. >> the search is on for a stranger trying to kidnap a toddler, snatching the child from her mother's arm autos the 2-year-old girl was not hurt. at tempted abduction occurred outside of the family home. the child's mother says she was holding the girl and a man approached and suddenly grabbed the child's legs. her mother was able to pull the girl free this, has other families a bit shaken. >> as a mom, freaked out. it's your kid. so that is pretty sorry. oh, my gosh. >> neighbors are talking to their children and say they >> wife of a man who died after being shot in san jose came forward today, they're asking for help in solving her husband's murder. >> happening now, police are utilizing the powerful tools they have to help find a killer. pleas from the family. t
and oakland. 52 in san francisco. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows really cold mornings ahead of us. we will be clear no wet weather in the forecast. temperatures will be a bit warmer as we transition into the weekend. we are talking 60s here around the bay area. >> and good looking forecast for the next string of days. as returning to the traffic center not monitoring any hot spots. here's a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. a handful of cars making the trip into san francisco. >> an hour to send whatever is no problems accidents. the drive time is 12 minutes from into end. >> south bound 10 on the golden gate bridge is looking good for those of you coming out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica we will begin our newscast out of the east bay where five people are recovering after being shot in oakland. the incident happened shortly before 8:00 last night. >> we're told all five victims are stable condition. >> police said the suspect left the scene and a car still on the loose this morning. >> of marin county man is in custody after police s
in the east bay. northbound 880 look at this. really backed up past the oakland coliseum. all the way up towards high street. the problem is near the high street off-ramp. there's an accident two left lanes blocked. drive time is very slow right now. 31 minutes between 238 and the maze. and we still have this problem out there a stalled big rig, they are clearing it now northbound 238 before 880. that's a traffic check. for a weather update, here's lawrence. >> you have some hot spots, i have some cold spots out there now. high pressure overhead, skies staying clear overnight. but the temperatures getting chilly again. down into the 20s in santa rosa, also into concord right now. 32 and freezing in livermore. 40s in san francisco and pacifica. this afternoon we are planning on highs into the 60s and very nice, hazy sunshine all the way to the coastline lasting through the weekend, maybe showers next wednesday. ♪ >>> this firefighter in siberia was trying to rescue people from a burning apartment building yesterday. look at this huge chunk of snow
donald of oakland is scrambling to find affordable airfare so she can fly out. >> this time, it's less of a euphoric experience. now, i think we're a little bit older and wiser, in a sense. we've been bruised, and battered a little bit. >> reporter: a second term, she says is time to get the work done. >> i see these events, very sober events. this is history in the making. and this is a great opportunity for all of us to have a second term with the president that we love to try and get things right. >> reporter: both women tell me, they're thrilled to see the president take the oath again. they say they're looking forward to do more work to help carry out the president's vision. >>> more details now. the president's second term begins on january 20 as mandated by a constitutional amendment. only a private swearing in is scheduled for that day. at monday's public ceremony, john roberts will administer the oath of office, but that traditional ceremony is at the capitol. it's only purely for show. tori campbell will be in washington, d.c., bringing us live reports beginning sunday on mornings on 2. >>
victim. >> oakland's decision to hire a crime fighter. you'll hear from the man himself, bill brat on. -- bratton. >> and a new venue tonight for all that jazz. we're live for the grand opening of the lincoln center of the west. >> and 49ers begin their super bowl workouts with an eye on the history they'll make when they win it. >> a major fire fight is underway in oakland now. this is a live picture just now arriving on the scene in a building on harrison street off interstate 880. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> let's get to abc 7 news who is live. nick, what can you tell us? >> we note that as many as 24 firefighters are here now. it's a tw-alarm fire. we have seven engines arriving on the scene this, building still has flames poring -- pouring from the roof and thick, black smoke. we've learned three people have been taken into custody believed to have been squatting in the building. now, police took these three people into custody because they told them they'd been using the oven in the home. the oven start aid grease fire, they believe that spread quickly. they do believe they
'm michelle griego. about two hours from now, oakland police chief howard jordan will tell us more about an undercover officer being shot in east oakland. he is expected to survive. and the city council is expected to decide tonight whether to hire bill bradley to be a police consultant. they have approved money for a consultant but still decides braton will get the job. >>> piedmont residents are on edge with two home robberies. no one was seriously hurt. traffic and weather in just a moment. well, well well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> good morning, out to marin county. southbound 101 an accident there cleared to the right hand shoulder. until the east bay
bratton get the boot? an oakland committee approving everything but. the high profile consultant and the fallout this morning. >> a live look at our beautiful bay bridge. it's wednesday, january 16. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> happy wednesday, everybody. it is 4:30. good morning. i'm john kelli. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. another cold start b
. >> a vote could bring a high profile police consultant to the city of oakland. people packed the meeting objecting to the former los angeles and new york police chief becoming consultant to the police force. he favors technique known as stop and frisk where officers stop anyone who they feel is suspicious. they voted to recommend that a consultant be hired. >> a beloved hollywood act report has passed away from the bay area of natural causeses in he was the kindly adoptive father in "different strokes" debuting in 1978 and tackled sensitive social issue such as class and race. he was 89 years old. still ahead, a deadly helicopter crash in the heart of london at rush hour. an unusual rescue in portland. the extreme measures crews took when this woman fell between two >> a fiery crash scene in london when a helicopter hit a crane and plummeted into morning rush hour traffic. two dozen are dead and dozens -- two people are dead and dozens are injured. >> fear and panic in the heart of london. witnesses fearing the worst, another terror attack. a helicopter crashed into a korean and plunged
police consultant to the city of oakland. people packed the meeting objecting to the former los angeles and new york police chief becoming consultant to the police force. he favors technique known as stop and frisk where officers stop anyone who they feel is suspicious. they voted to recommend that a consultant be hired. >> a beloved hollywood act report has passed away from the bay area of natural causeses in he was the kindly adoptive father in "different strokes" debuting in 1978 and tackled sensitive social issue such as class and race. he was 89 years old. still ahead, a deadly helicopter crash in the heart of london at rush hour. an unusual rescue in portland. the extreme measures crews took [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call
view. six for oakland. again it depends on where you're located. fog continues to form. a great start to the morning and some spots fog tracker 4 shows into the 8:00 hour dealing with cloudy conditions. by lunchtime the fog will start to lift expect clear skies sunshine and temperatures a bit warmer than what we were yesterday. we're talking plenty of 60s today. mountain view coming in at 62. the same for palo alto. lows 60s for sunnyvale and santa clara. 63 in los gatos. to the east bay upper 50s for fairfield concord. 61 in danville. a sunny day in store for the north bay. napa hitting 62 degrees at 58 for san francisco. high- pressure in control of the changes to talk about. we're tracking a system that will drive down from the gulf of alaska. not too much moisture associated with the system. some spots could remain completely dry. the bigger story is the cool air mass that will usher in to the bay area. it will get chilly some of the chilliest tippers we have seen all season. your afternoon highs and that as chilliest temperature erse--chilliest temperatures. the chance for unsett
. being it is new year's eve they know people will be firing their guns up into the air. in oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >>> now to san jose, which has also seen a rise in killings thisser. >> this map was generated by the "san jose mercury news" showing where each of the city's 46 homicides occurred. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo has more on what was hopefully the last murder of 2012. >> we're treating it as a homicide scene. >> reporter: san jose marked the last day of 2012 with yet another homicide are, bringing the murder rate to 46 for the year. >> there are some cameras. we haven't been able to pull up what's on them yet. >> reporter: at about 9:30 a.m., san jose police received a call of an armed man in this apartment complex at the intersection of lewis and wong. >> so i woke up in the morning and then i heard eye loud gunshot and followed by screams. >> reporter: by the time crews arrived he was dead at the scene. >> once we determined it was probably going to be a homicide, just ramped up the manpower. >> reporter: this video last week of roll call shows how depleted the f
and pets. >> getting a burst at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is slowing from oakland over into the city. two major issues. highway 4 has just reopened all lanes after the earlier crash closing things involving a school bus. no reports of any major injuries. it's backed up. so use will lo pass road as your alternate to get you out of the back-up. but there might be a new crash near that interchange as well. still slow in the area on interstate 80 as well as highway 29. use redwood street to get over that. >> thank you very much. another local news update for you in half an hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy your thursday morning. >>> that was the scene at last year's golden globes. this year, matt, savannah, al and i will be coming to the carpet sunday for the pre-show and then we'll have a full fashion and awards round-up monday on today. >> meanwhile, just ahead, if you've been looking for love in all the wrong places, patty sangor can help, the matchmaker and she is on the quest for love herself. >>> we will show you recipes that should keep your fuller longer and help you lose weig
straight through the week. >>> oakland police are busy investigating four separate shootings that left four people dead. the shootings spanned different neighborhoods of the city from west oakland to deep east oakland and all took place within a span of about six hours, starting yesterday afternoon. this is the scene from the fourth shooting which happened around 8:15 last night on hillside street, not far from bishop o'dowd high school. the man pronounced dead at the scene. as of now there are no arrests in any of the killings. it is oakland's sixth homicide of the new year, all of which happened this week. >>> a showdown over gun control laws is taking center stage right here in the bay area this morning. gun show in daly city is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. up to 10,000 people are expected to crowd into the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace this weekend and they can expect plenty of protesters to greet them. the show includes more than 150 vendors selling everything from guns and ammunition to knives and jewelry. crossroads official attendance at the sh
a probation check and handed over to the oakland zoo. staff members at animals critically ill and died in the honor is now facing drug charges. >> police have arrested a suspect but almost $420,000 of marijuana stored in a container and sausalito. police were tipped off to the suspect as activities through an anonymous caller on the december 29th. the caller told police that the suspect's name which was nicholas papas and the marijuana was located at the marin is set up self storage. when police arrived and that on his car and container full of marijuana and also found cocaine. he faces controlled substance and marijuana cultivation charges and police they did not suspect it sold any of the marijuana. 22 year-old dexter oliver it as did not say much in the san francisco court room other than indicating he does not have the money for an attorney. he has been charged with 11 felonies including attempted murder, assault and torture. he is accused of failing to win battles with gasoline and throwing it on his girlfriend after a fight over close at a laundromat. bail is set for $10 million.
, 880 a little slow and go from hayward towards downtown oakland. >>> lots of sunshine around the bay area today clear all the way to the coastline a little hazy in spots and again those temperatures getting chilly. seeing a little breeze blowing out there we're seeing some temperatures moderate approaching the coastline. numbers though yeah, down to the freezing mark in fare field at 27. 27 in santa rosa. 35 degrees in san jose. 40s into san francisco. 50s and mid-60s this afternoon. sign of warmer weather over the next few days through the weekend. >>> good morning, everybody. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." notre dame says football star man taiti te'o is the victim of a hoax after learning his online girlfriend who inspired him is not a real person. te'o calls it a sick joke. some of the v.i.p. hotel packages for the inauguration are pretty hard to believe. what can you get for a very high price? we'll show you. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >>> the algerian operations had started to retake the faci
but very cold temperatures now. 31 in gilroy, 35 in san jose, 39 in oakland, 30 in santa rosa. we're expecting to see a bright day, lots of sunshine, going to warm us quickly, just as many of us got close to 0 degrees yesterday we're looking at a similar situation today, santa cruz at 71 degrees, our warm spot with the strong offshore flow. san francisco at 69 and same for oakland and san jose at 68. there is one word of caution, there is a high surf advisory this weekend so with the warm temperatures you may be tempted to get out to the beach. definitely avoid prolonged periods of turning your back on the beach. we're expecting swells, chris, up to 20 to 30 feet. the mavericks are taking place tomorrow so if you are going to be spectating, use extreme caution and remember the swells can come 20 to 30 seconds and this means that a lot of that pullback into the ocean you may just think it's over but once the waves come back it's very strong. >> don't turn your back, watch over the kids and the pets. thank you, anthony. >>> to a developing story involving the 49ers, the investigatio
. the latest 7-8-7 mishap... that's created havoc for bay area travelers. and rowdy reaction. oakland city leaders meet to discuss a surge in violence. why the plan to hire a consultant is meeting stiff resistance. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's wednesday >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., 46. atlanta, partly sunny, 62. st. louis, sunny, 40. denver, sunny, 49 degrees. morning fog in seattle, 43 degrees. >>> a 5-year-old philadelphia girl abducted from school is back home this morning. on monday a woman wearing muslim-style clothing and posing as the girl's mother walked into the girl's classroom and took her. yesterday a passer-by passed her huddled and shivering, wearing a t-shirt. >> when i was walking past the playground i heard a scream saying help, help. when i heard it when i was going down, i seen, you know, the little girl underneath the slide. she only had a t-shirt on and it was wet. she didn't have nothing else on. she was bare-footed, she was cold, she was s
the sunshine. but with the north flow yesterday, keeping us chilly. we are in the 50s right now. oakland 59. san jose 54. livermore 56. clear radar. nice and clear on the radar for the next five to seven days. tonight with clear skies, that's going to be pretty chilly again. concord 38, fremont 39, san rafael, mountain view and san jose all down to 40 degrees. so we have some changes coming. high pressure as i was telling you over the past 24 hours is working its way closer to us. today we still have that northerly flow keeping most of us in the 50s. but beginning tomorrow, high pressure is a little closer, north wind is gone, northeast wind is here and it will be several degrees milder coming up on wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, it's all about this guy right here, high pressure sinking to our south giving us a northwest flow of air keeping us in the 60s. we are going to stay dry through super bowl sunday likely a couple of days into next week. so plenty of sunshine through saturday. highs will be a couple of degrees above average and we'll sta
. >> overall it's a friday commute pretty typical. in oakland we have two big issues affecting your traffic. north 880 at the coliseum at high street look at that. the map shows you the big backup north through the area. other issue is also north 880 at north 238 causing a big problem. they can't get that big rig out of the lanes. a tow truck is trying to get there. stuck in traffic so jammed out of castro valley. 580 shows slowing westbound. big rig trucks allowed as there tends to be when there's a problem. >> another local update for you in one half hour. see you then. >>> it is 8:00 now on a friday morning. the 18th day of january, 2013. although the sky is blue and the sun is peeking out, it's cold here in new york city. >> sure is. >> got some people out here on the plaza, bundled up against the wind and the cold. we thu thank them for stopping by. we've come out to say hi. i'm matt lauer, along with savannah guthrie and mr. al roker. all right. so we now know that lance armstrong has admitted to years of doping and lying. he says he knows there will be a lot of people who will be ang
now are still gusting 10 to 20 out toward cumberland, oakland and back into the orange county area. for the most part they'll stay breezy and switch directions and become southwesterly tomorrow and sunday. that's ahead of the next big front. 37 is what it feels like outside, 32 is what it feels like in gaithersburg, generally mid- to upper 30s leesburg, manassas out toward middleburg and down toward tappahannock 34. breezy and colder, dress for the teens late tonight. it is friday night, after all. nice weekend ahead especially by january standards. put things in perspective. deep freeze next week, possibly the coldest air in the last two years. inauguration forecast in the 30s, breezy and cold, snow flurries possible late, winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. so for tonight 22 to 32, clear skies, breezy, colder, wind chills in the teens late, winds southwest 10 to 15, lows 25 bethesda, rockville, maybe 29 in sterling, 23 in fairfax and 25 in woodbridge, about 24 or 25 out toward bowie of college park, a cold night. morning bright, 20s and 30s, mostly sunny. grab junior glasses, winds
out there. not as cold as it has been. a look at this. return of the 40s in san francisco and oakland. 33 in sunnyvale. 39 degrees to start you out in santa cruz. temperatures climb nicely by noon. upper 50s. close to 50 everywhere. we'll round out the day with low to mid 60s. comfortable conditions and we get even warmer as we head into the upcoming weekend. hope you have a fantastic day. >>> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. >>> coming up, a college football star's heartbreaking and inspirational tale about overcoming the death of his cancer-stricken girlfriend exposed as a hoax. >>> plus, an exclusive interview with a member of the church of scientology, director paul haggis. but first this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, a couple sues their wedding photographer after he misses key moments of the city. >>> and why some of subway's foot-long subs are not foot long. after your local news. american red cross and adobe -, to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the
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